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If you’re looking for some generic life advice and unwanted motivation – this is your show.

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Hi! I’m a friend, sports fanatic, wannabe-entrepreneur, and an impatient optimist.

I grew up in my favorite city, Mumbai and tried my hand at a LOT of things – non-profit, startup, copywriters, audit, and even family business (#Marvari). I moved to the US in 2018 on a whim – I wanted a change of ecosystem that I thought would help me find my peace and purpose (#stillnotthere).

I ended up studying at Babson (Boston) and IE (Spain), and after a short stint in Consulting, I joined Amazon, to learn more about the customer-obsessed behemoth. The details of my pursuits are uninteresting, but I’d like to believe I am ambitious, and that the best is yet to come. Currently, I’m finding ways to work at the confluence of business and social good – so hit me up if you have any ideas.
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